Snow Tire Legislation

There is no crossing winter tire legislation in North America but more and more areas which are always affected by ice and snow in the winter time are starting to put up rules. In the USA it is highly recommended to drive with winter tires when driving or traveling to or in the northern parts of the country. In Canada from Province to Province it’s totally different but still always highly recommended. The only thing that can be truly said is that with winter tire laws in certain Provinces you were able to recognize a declining percentage of car accidents in the winter time. Furthermore the NHTSA is sure that if every vehicle would be equipped with winter tires and TPMS Sensors the number of accidents every year would shrink. A research of them showed that 660 deaths and 3300 injuries every year are due to driving with too little pressure in the tires. Also it is assumed that these numbers would drop to 120 deaths and 850 injuries if all vehicles were equipped with TPMS.

Legislation for Snow Tires in the USALegislation for Snow Tires in the USA

In the US there is no overlapping regulation for all its states which could force you to use winter tires in the winter time. The regulations can be different from region to region.

Legislation for Snow Tires in CanadaLegislation for Snow Tires in Canada

In Canada in specific areas there is an existing winter tire mandatory. So to help you drive safe through the winter time here is a short list about the specific regulations and laws: